Well it's Karma!

I believe I have been bitten by a bit of Karma as a result of my household disorganisation over the last 12 months.

The worst room of the house is my study/home office.  It is absolutely horrendous, completely disorganised and has become a dumping ground for hiding my disorganisation from others who are coming around.  This room is closest to my front doors so is somewhere that I just throw things when people are coming over (until now, when I have tidied up the living/dining rooms).

My son's TV stopped working.  It is only 18 months old.  I took it in to be repaired and have found that it can be repaired, but it's going to be very expensive, almost better to just get a whole new TV.  My gripe is, that it has 12 months warranty and as the warranty has expired I am out of luck getting it fixed without paying.  I was a bit irritated at this.  12 month warranty of not, it should not have stopped working in such a short time. I said to the repair guy, how can this happen, he said "from everyday wear and tear"  WHAT THE????? I have never had a TV die from wear and tear in 18 months!  So I told him that and I thought it was ridiculous.  He agreed, however I completely understand that he can't do anything as he has to be paid from somebody.  He suggested that I call TEAC (the brand).  So I did!

I called them and said that it is ridiculous that a TV would die after 18 months and what was wrong with it and that under Australian consumer law, (warranty or not), that when something is purchased then it should last or serve it's purpose for a reasonable amount of time.  I also said that the life of a TV is longer than 18 months and that is not a reasonable amount of time!  So they told me to email the details to them, including a copy of my receipt, where it is in getting fixed.  Looks like they may fix it!

Now I have not been able to email the details yet as I can't find the receipt!!!!!!  I am furious!  It is in that study somewhere.  I have looked where I can, but there is just so much junk in there, it will take days to find it.  Anyway I won't give up.  I will start on that room tomorrow afternoon and try and find that receipt.  So that is my Karma.  If I was organised, I would not have piles and piles of paper in many spots in that room and I would be able to find that receipt!!!!!

I am not happy with myself at all and I have been bitten by Karma, LOL!


Joni Llanora said...

Sorry, but I was smiling as I was reading this post as it is a situation I am very much familiar with too :) I've started organizing today and your story gives me the motivation I need to follow through.

Jenelle said...

Newest follower from Bloggy Mom. You have a cute site and looking forward to reading more.
Would love for you to follow back :-)

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