What Is Going On With This Weather?

Well my quest to get organised has gone off track lately.  I have been very distracted by what is going on in South East Queensland, Australia.  We have had rain, rain and more rain. The weather seems to have cleared briefly but they say there may be more coming!

We have had the most extreme weather and as a result some very severe flooding.  About 80% of our state of Queensland is in flood, that's crazy!  So whilst our house has been fortunate enough to escape the flooding, friends and family have not been so lucky.

Below is one video of some of the flash flooding that swept through the city of Toowoomba.  They experienced and 8 metre wall of water, it's being called an inland tsunami.  Many have lost their lives, many of them children and many more are missing and once the flood waters have receded, sadly more of these missing people will be found.

You can see much more of the footage by doing a goggle search for Queensland Floods 2011 or Brisbane Floods and also on, there are lots of other videos there that will blow your mind.  Massive fast flowing rivers suddenly taking over the main street.  People didn't have any time to get out of it's way as it just came out of nowhere, taking people walking down the street, taking people in their cars and flooding business after business down the main street.

There is a massive fundraising effort going on for the massive number of people from around the state that have lost everything.
To donate visit
Be very careful where you donate if you are going to, there are apparently some scams out there, the link above is the official Queensland government website, so it's legitimate.

As this massive natural disaster continues to unfold with flood waters not expected to recede until tomorrow, there is news of new towns south of Queensland now being hammered by the same weather. Aside from the absolutely tragic loss of life, homes, possessions from this flood what is also sad is that over half of our countries fruit and vegetable crops are under water and have been destroyed by the floods, OVER HALF!  It will apparently be over 8 months before this country will produce enough fruit and vegetables to supply our country again.  Between now and then we are going to have to purchase these items from overseas.  So these floods are having a knock on effect that is going affect all Australians indirectly to last for a very long time.  Cotton crops will have lost about $275 million!  They estimate that over $1 Billion dollars in grain crops and machinery have been lost in these floods, that's not even fruit and vegetables!  So this is going to have a huge impact on our country.  It is very very sad.

So this organised person has now done another clean out of the closet and playroom, finding clothes and toys and other things to donate to all of these people who have lost everything. It's a very sad time for these people and they need to be in our thoughts and our prayers to get through this incredibly difficult time.

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Hello! I'm Kate. said...

It's just absolutely devastating! I've been watching videos all day long, I'm just depressed! My best thoughts are with your country right now!

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