Happy New Year!

Well I would like to start off this post by wishing everybody a Happy New Year!  I hope everybody had a great New Years Eve.  

I would also like to welcome all of my new followers and thank you so much for following me.  I have to say that I still find this blogging to be a little nerve wracking.... Will what I write be interesting, will anybody really want to read about me cleaning my house!  But I am finding this to be a good way to get myself going, knowing that I have followers and people waiting for my next post.  So here I go.

I had decided that I would next tackle my closet.   After the laundry clean out I had moved a lot of that pile of clean clothes up to my bedroom and had yet to put them all away.  I had put some away but there were still a couple of baskets of clothes to be hung and put on the shelves.  Now I went to start this yesterday, on New Years Eve, but I ended up stopping as I was out of clothes hangers!  Yes sure you say, any excuse to stop tidying.  But it was the truth and I probably could have kept going without them to a certain degree, but I decided to stop and get some more hangers.  I popped off to the shops yesterday afternoon and many had shut early being NYE.  Now all of my current clothes hangers are white and timber.  The shop I went to didn't have any white, they only had this ugly blue/green colour.

New Clothes Hangers

So whilst I was cringing about the colour of the hangers and them not matching I did get 6 packets of these (not all for my wardrobe, although I did use almost 4 packets of the new hangers in the clean up).

I didn't do any de-cluttering when I got home as it was NYE after all.  I decided to leave it for today.  After all, this is a New Near, so what a better way to start the New Year than with a lovely tidy closet.
We went out for breakfast this morning after a long sleep in and didn't end up arriving home until 1.30pm.  The breakfast ended up turning into lunch, but that was ok, it was lovely catching up with friends.

I have spent the afternoon and evening so far getting on with the de-cluttering of the closet.  Now some of the things you will see in the untidy closet, pre de-cluttering photos....  On the floor there are two lamps!  Yes Lamps..... I purchased these months and months ago, they are still wrapped from the store and they have just sat on the closet floor since they arrived home!  There is also the box from the bedroom wall mounting tv bracket!  Why on earth I didn't throw that out is beyond me!  No it just sat in a basket on the closet floor for ALMOST 12 MONTHS!  Other things are clean laundry to be put away.  Copious numbers of new shoes (in boxes) needing to be put away.   Now I do like keeping the shoe boxes and them in the boxes, it keeps the dust off them, stops them being squashed and I can see from the outside of the box which shoes are which.  You will also notice the small organisation part inside me.....  The tops on the left side of the closet are all arranged by colour!  

So without further ado I present my closet..... (Drum roll please)

Before Shot - Right Side
Before Shot - Left Side

After Shot - Right Side
After Shot - Left Side

So there it is....  My second room de-clutter.  I am not sure which room I will do next.  We have a small living type room off the kitchen that isn't use much (except to put junk).  Early night tonight after a very late (3am) night last night.

S  xx


Dr. Madeline Boskey said...

WOW!!! You are even more my hero now.

My Organised Life said...

Thanks :) I really enjoyed doing it and it feels so good once it's all done.

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