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Well I was visiting one of my favourite stores today and I picked up the cutest little note pad that I wanted to share with everybody.  It is another little tool that I plan on using to get my organised life back.

I have to say that I have found myself falling back into old habits this week.  One with the flood crisis that has been very shocking and also returning to work this week after a break over Christmas/ New Year.  School holidays are almost over and I really need to get on and order new labels (both clothing and book) and get my son some new school shoes.  This is not something that I am looking forward to.  Last year my son went through three pairs of school shoes and it ended up being a very expensive shoe year.  No he didn't wear them out, luckily I have been able to pass on his old shoes as they were like new, only wearing them for a term each, no, he outgrew them.  Yes his feet grew three shoes sizes last year!  It was driving me crazy!  So next week will be school shopping time!  Joy!  


So now back to my really cute notepad that I just found at Kikki K today and when I saw it I said to myself, "I have to have that, that is so cute!"  So off to the counter I went.  It is called the "Weekly Habits Pad"

Kikki K Weekly Habits Pad

Kikki K Weekly Habits Pad

What you do is write down your good habits or something  that you are wanting to become a habit and check it off each day and then write down what your reward is for the end of that week. It is supposed to take 21 days to make that thing a good habit in your life!  I Love this little pad.  So tonight I will sit down and write out my list of habits and check them off each day.  I will post my list of habits when I have it done up for you to see.  You can find that cute pad at Kikki K - (Can you tell I am a fan of that store!  LOL)

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