My De-Cluttering and Organising Goals for 2011

Gosh... Two posts in one day, what has come over me!  I realised that I have not posted this yet and I feel that it's important to write my de-cluttering goals down so that I have them in black and white.  You, my readers, are aware of my goals and if I am not getting my goals done, you can all give me a prod and tell me to get going.  So this year my goals for organising and de-cluttering my life and home are...

1. Clean out my study/home office
2. Clean out and tidy up the garage.
3. Clean out and tidy my son's playroom.
4. Clean out and tidy cupboard under the stairs.
5. Lose weight and exercise more - meaning that I currently do very little exercise, other than using my fingers to type, LOL. Spend some time and take care of me!
6. Spend more time planning meals for the family.
7. Get back into baking regularly, something that I love and have not done much of in the last 12 months due to my cluttered life.
8. Get my photos, albums organised (I currently have a massive box of photos that need sorting and to be put into albums).
9. Do more blogging with updates and reports all of my accomplishments (and failures, hope there won't be any) when it comes to my goals.
10. Clean out and organised my business store room.

So that's it.  Don't want to set too many, but these are the important ones that I really need to get done.

Would love to know what all of your goals are for 2011 if you would like to share.


Teddy said...

I need to make a list similar to what you posted above. Found your blog on Bloggy Moms. I'm a new follower. Will you please follow me:

My Organised Life said...

Thanks for following Teddy, I am following you now too :)

Anonymous said...

I did a 2011 Non-Resolutions post here. Oh, and I also found you on Bloggy Moms.

Btw, I love your gravatar. Did you have someone design it for you? I created my own, it's pretty plain though.

Katrina Cruz said...

Nice blog! I'm so inspired by yours. I'm also starting mine titled Organized Mess at Is it OK if I make a post like your?

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