The Unplanned Pantry Clean-out

I was in the kitchen last night about to cook dinner.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to cook.  I know I had some beef mince, so was thinking of doing some sort of sauce to have with pasta.

I opened the pantry doors and looked in.  I picked up a packet of pasta and noticed that it was past its used by date!  So I threw that in the bin, then I dug into the back and looked at a packet of biscuits that was behind where the pasta was and it was expired also.  I started to think about when was the last time I gave the pantry a good clean out and I couldn't remember.  I seem to mainly use things at the front, new things arrive and are placed at the front, so I use them and the things at the back, seem to get forgotten.  Well I just started picking up one thing after another and before I knew it, I had done a massive pantry clean out and I could not believe that half of the things in my pantry were off!  There was a macadamia oil, off!  Taco kit, off, biscuits, cereal and what surprised me the most was the canned food!  I didn't realise that canned food went off, well I figured it would eventually go off, but not for years.  But I found can after can of corn, baked beans, tinned spaghetti, condensed milk and more, all off!  I love baking and used to do a lot of it, so going through my baking supplies, milk, dark, white chocolate buds all off.  I have heaps of spices and dried herbs, most of them past their used by date!  So annoying!  I couldn't believe it.  I then started on the fridge, there were a few sauces out of date.

Suddenly I realised that it was getting late and I needed to get on to dinner, so after cleaning out all of the used by items I got on with dinner, yummy spaghetti (not off, LOL) bolognaise.
So next will be to take everything out of the pantry and give it a good clean out.  I ended up messing up all the order in there as I would find something that was still good and put that on the shelf above, or over the other side.

Here is the most of the pile that I ended up cleaning out of my pantry and fridge last night!  It really does feel so good having a big clean out!

Three full garbage bags of expired food!

So I recommend regular pantry and fridge clean outs.  It's amazing how quickly things go off in there if it's moved to the back and kind of forgotten.  I will post photos of the finished pantry once it's all back to it's organised look.


Well it's Karma!

I believe I have been bitten by a bit of Karma as a result of my household disorganisation over the last 12 months.

The worst room of the house is my study/home office.  It is absolutely horrendous, completely disorganised and has become a dumping ground for hiding my disorganisation from others who are coming around.  This room is closest to my front doors so is somewhere that I just throw things when people are coming over (until now, when I have tidied up the living/dining rooms).

My son's TV stopped working.  It is only 18 months old.  I took it in to be repaired and have found that it can be repaired, but it's going to be very expensive, almost better to just get a whole new TV.  My gripe is, that it has 12 months warranty and as the warranty has expired I am out of luck getting it fixed without paying.  I was a bit irritated at this.  12 month warranty of not, it should not have stopped working in such a short time. I said to the repair guy, how can this happen, he said "from everyday wear and tear"  WHAT THE????? I have never had a TV die from wear and tear in 18 months!  So I told him that and I thought it was ridiculous.  He agreed, however I completely understand that he can't do anything as he has to be paid from somebody.  He suggested that I call TEAC (the brand).  So I did!

I called them and said that it is ridiculous that a TV would die after 18 months and what was wrong with it and that under Australian consumer law, (warranty or not), that when something is purchased then it should last or serve it's purpose for a reasonable amount of time.  I also said that the life of a TV is longer than 18 months and that is not a reasonable amount of time!  So they told me to email the details to them, including a copy of my receipt, where it is in getting fixed.  Looks like they may fix it!

Now I have not been able to email the details yet as I can't find the receipt!!!!!!  I am furious!  It is in that study somewhere.  I have looked where I can, but there is just so much junk in there, it will take days to find it.  Anyway I won't give up.  I will start on that room tomorrow afternoon and try and find that receipt.  So that is my Karma.  If I was organised, I would not have piles and piles of paper in many spots in that room and I would be able to find that receipt!!!!!

I am not happy with myself at all and I have been bitten by Karma, LOL!



Today started the massive task of de-cluttering my son's playroom and bedroom.  He has until Monday to get it all tidied up or whatever is on the floor Monday is going to charity.  I have set him up with rubbish bag, charity bag and his playroom is already full of shelves, baskets, cupboards and drawers to put everything away in.  He just doesn't seem to use these storage devices, he seem to use the floor as his storage area.

I have some before shots, but won't share those until the room is done.  It is really amazing how much better it feels once everything is organised.  Now I know my house isn't finished yet.  I still have the dreaded home office and the little room off the kitchen.  The home office is probably the scariest room, but it must be done, it must get done.  Having my laundry and closet done makes a huge difference, with the closet done it makes it so much easier to take up all of the clean laundry and put it straight away.

What is going to be the challenge is once school goes back.  I get into the routine of going of school drop off, in to work, pick up from school, take son to after school activities, home to cook dinner, clean up from dinner and I'm exhausted. Once I have the house all cleaned up I will get a cleaner in weekly.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can't have a cleaner in because my house has been too untidy.  Before we moved into this house we had a cleaner, I have always had a cleaner, once a week or once a fortnight and every time she was coming, I would tidy and clean the house!  What is up with that??? Does anybody else clean up before the cleaner comes?  Anyway I have not had a cleaner in the last 12 months because my house is not clean enough and I am embarrassed.  I can disguise it from family and friends to a degree, because I have the areas that will be seen all tidy and then areas that I can close the door so nobody sees it, are like a bomb has gone off.

So by Monday I should be able to do the big reveal of my son's bedroom and playroom.  Can't wait to see it myself.


Back to School

Well with schools in Australia about to return after our summer break.  I am all organised with labels and contact to get covering books.  Only problem is that we have just had an email from our school and unfortunately the all of the books were destroyed in the recent floods in Queensland as the supplier had their building up to the roof underwater, so all books and stationary has been destroyed.

My organised dining table is all clear (and tidy) waiting for the books to start the naming and covering process.

So not books or stationary will be available before school goes back.  In fact they don't actually know when they will get the stock back in as there are many many schools that are affected by this.  My labeling and covering of the books has now ground to a halt whilst we wait for the books to arrive sometime after school goes back next week.


A New Look

Well it is all finished and finally here for all to see.  My gorgeous new blog look, designed by Mommy Monologues

I am absolutely thrilled with the design and now not only am I getting my organised life back, but I now have a very organised blog.

I would like to thank Kate from Mommy Monologues for doing the custom design and installing it.  I absolutely love my new blog design and I really love my new button, which I would love anybody reading to grab if they would like too.   I can not say enough great things about Mommy Monologues.  The whole design process was so easy and super quick, I can't believe how quickly Kate had it all done and installed on my blog.

So I hope you all love my new blog design as much as I do, please leave comments and let me know what you think.


The Clean Up Begins

The cleanup has started in Queensland from the floods as the waters continue to recede.  I just went to my local supermarket and this is what I saw.



There were no fruit and vegetables!  Nothing!  There were some nuts and coconuts, heaps of garlic and a few unripe avocados.  They were bringing out the odd thing here and there and everybody would pounce on them.  But there weren't any potatoes, pumpkins, broccoli, peas, beans, corn, carrots, oranges, apples, you name it, the shelves were bare!  And this was a massive Coles supermarket.  We do not even live in a flood affected area, but this is something that is going to affect our entire state and the whole country for some time due to over 50% of our nations fruit and vegetable crops being completely wiped out during the floods.  Our fruit and vegetable shelves are almost bare. When I was there, they came in with about 6 lettuce to add to the virtually empty shelves in the produce department.  I grabbed one of those lettuce and I have to say that it was about the size of a large grapefruit and this is what it looked like.  This is sitting on a side plate, not a dinner plate.

Now I am not complaining about the quality or the size, this poor little lettuce was probably just one of the few surviving from a flood affected area and I was happy to snap it up, but it is just so very sad, very sad for the livelihood of all of those farmers who have lost all the crops for months to come, it is a massive blow to them and their families.

I have just been sitting watching the news and seeing those now moving back to their homes to see the devastation, their family photos destroyed, all of their belongs destroyed, everything in their fridge now filled with mud and sewerage and destroyed, their fridges, ovens, furniture, kids toys, everything destroyed, homes full of mud and sewage up to the roof, everything brown and covered in mud .  It is just heart breaking to see and I just feel helpless and wish I could be there to help them.


Something I Picked Up Today

Well I was visiting one of my favourite stores today and I picked up the cutest little note pad that I wanted to share with everybody.  It is another little tool that I plan on using to get my organised life back.

I have to say that I have found myself falling back into old habits this week.  One with the flood crisis that has been very shocking and also returning to work this week after a break over Christmas/ New Year.  School holidays are almost over and I really need to get on and order new labels (both clothing and book) and get my son some new school shoes.  This is not something that I am looking forward to.  Last year my son went through three pairs of school shoes and it ended up being a very expensive shoe year.  No he didn't wear them out, luckily I have been able to pass on his old shoes as they were like new, only wearing them for a term each, no, he outgrew them.  Yes his feet grew three shoes sizes last year!  It was driving me crazy!  So next week will be school shopping time!  Joy!  


So now back to my really cute notepad that I just found at Kikki K today and when I saw it I said to myself, "I have to have that, that is so cute!"  So off to the counter I went.  It is called the "Weekly Habits Pad"

Kikki K Weekly Habits Pad

Kikki K Weekly Habits Pad

What you do is write down your good habits or something  that you are wanting to become a habit and check it off each day and then write down what your reward is for the end of that week. It is supposed to take 21 days to make that thing a good habit in your life!  I Love this little pad.  So tonight I will sit down and write out my list of habits and check them off each day.  I will post my list of habits when I have it done up for you to see.  You can find that cute pad at Kikki K - (Can you tell I am a fan of that store!  LOL)


What Is Going On With This Weather?

Well my quest to get organised has gone off track lately.  I have been very distracted by what is going on in South East Queensland, Australia.  We have had rain, rain and more rain. The weather seems to have cleared briefly but they say there may be more coming!

We have had the most extreme weather and as a result some very severe flooding.  About 80% of our state of Queensland is in flood, that's crazy!  So whilst our house has been fortunate enough to escape the flooding, friends and family have not been so lucky.

Below is one video of some of the flash flooding that swept through the city of Toowoomba.  They experienced and 8 metre wall of water, it's being called an inland tsunami.  Many have lost their lives, many of them children and many more are missing and once the flood waters have receded, sadly more of these missing people will be found.

You can see much more of the footage by doing a goggle search for Queensland Floods 2011 or Brisbane Floods and also on, there are lots of other videos there that will blow your mind.  Massive fast flowing rivers suddenly taking over the main street.  People didn't have any time to get out of it's way as it just came out of nowhere, taking people walking down the street, taking people in their cars and flooding business after business down the main street.

There is a massive fundraising effort going on for the massive number of people from around the state that have lost everything.
To donate visit
Be very careful where you donate if you are going to, there are apparently some scams out there, the link above is the official Queensland government website, so it's legitimate.

As this massive natural disaster continues to unfold with flood waters not expected to recede until tomorrow, there is news of new towns south of Queensland now being hammered by the same weather. Aside from the absolutely tragic loss of life, homes, possessions from this flood what is also sad is that over half of our countries fruit and vegetable crops are under water and have been destroyed by the floods, OVER HALF!  It will apparently be over 8 months before this country will produce enough fruit and vegetables to supply our country again.  Between now and then we are going to have to purchase these items from overseas.  So these floods are having a knock on effect that is going affect all Australians indirectly to last for a very long time.  Cotton crops will have lost about $275 million!  They estimate that over $1 Billion dollars in grain crops and machinery have been lost in these floods, that's not even fruit and vegetables!  So this is going to have a huge impact on our country.  It is very very sad.

So this organised person has now done another clean out of the closet and playroom, finding clothes and toys and other things to donate to all of these people who have lost everything. It's a very sad time for these people and they need to be in our thoughts and our prayers to get through this incredibly difficult time.


A Rainy Sunday Afternoon of De-Cluttering.

What a better time to do some de-cluttering than on a rainy Sunday afternoon!  After a lovely brunch out this morning, one had mouth watering eggs benedict, one had waffles and and one had an omelette.  I am not quite sure where Summer has gone!  Today is quite cool, windy and raining.

We have just got a rain gauge.  My mother got it for my son and he was excited to put it in the garden (it's not the most attractive device, LOL).  Anyway my son loves checking it each morning to see how much rain we have had.  We are not used to all of this rain and for my son particularly who has grown up very rarely seeing rain, it's interesting for him to see how much it's raining during the day.  Here are some pictures of our rain gauge, it was emptied at about 9am this morning, so we have had that much rain in the last 6 hours.


For many years we have been in drought in Australia and where ever you would look you would see brown lawns, brown gardens with the only green really being from trees.  We were talking this morning about how funny it feels to walk on grass now, we are so used to walking on grass and it being crunchy as it was so brown.  Why wouldn't we use sprinklers you ask!  Well we were not allowed to.  There have been such strict water restrictions over the years.... Washing cars with a bucket only, no hosing driveways or your house, no watering gardens with sprinklers anytime, no watering lawn at all. If you built a new home and put in a pool or had a pool put in, there was one stage where you couldn't fill it!  Sometimes we would have odd numbered houses could water their garden on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and even numbered were Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, no watering on Sundays and watering times were between 4pm and 7pm only, hand held hoses only.  Some people (not our household) would even shower with a bucket in their shower to catch the water to tip it on the garden, seriously!  Everybody was starting to plant drought resistant plants, that required little water, but we still had brown dead lawns, crunchy brown lawns.  Our dams were almost empty.

My son had never seen a sprinkler until recently, we had to get a new hose when water restrictions eased because the dog had chewed so many holes in the hose that it became like a sprinkler, LOL.  Now we have had so much rain we have flooding. But our lawns are green and our gardens are flourishing!  As far as the eye can see is green, drive down streets and all of the lawns are green and the gardens are flourishing and our dams are so full that they have to keep releasing water.  It's amazing mother nature really!

Anyway back to the task at hand, de-cluttering and tidying up my home!  So today I did the kitchen.  I have to be honest when I say that the kitchen was really not that bad.  I actually forgot to take before photos.  The kitchen is always kept very clean, after all it is where the cooking happens and we don't want food poisoning now do we, no.  But there was clutter, the pantry was pretty full, so needed a bit of a clean out as I had some groceries (just unopened can's and new cereal boxes for example) waiting for a space to open up in the pantry.  So I had a big clean out of the pantry food section, I do still need to clean out the other shelves, tupperware shelves that seem to have a million containers and lids lying in there.

So here is my kitchen, sort of clutter free.  I do have the coffee machine out, it's too big and heavy to keep putting away.  I have my kitchen-aid out, I love the look of that, it's my favourite kitchen gadget (appliance) and my cookbook stand with some of my favourite cookbooks in it.

So, that is my Kitchen all tidy and clutter free (almost), ready for me to get baking something yummy.  I will be sure to post my next yummy creation that I bake.  I will go and sit down and continue reading "The Clutter Diet" on my ipad.


My De-Cluttering and Organising Goals for 2011

Gosh... Two posts in one day, what has come over me!  I realised that I have not posted this yet and I feel that it's important to write my de-cluttering goals down so that I have them in black and white.  You, my readers, are aware of my goals and if I am not getting my goals done, you can all give me a prod and tell me to get going.  So this year my goals for organising and de-cluttering my life and home are...

1. Clean out my study/home office
2. Clean out and tidy up the garage.
3. Clean out and tidy my son's playroom.
4. Clean out and tidy cupboard under the stairs.
5. Lose weight and exercise more - meaning that I currently do very little exercise, other than using my fingers to type, LOL. Spend some time and take care of me!
6. Spend more time planning meals for the family.
7. Get back into baking regularly, something that I love and have not done much of in the last 12 months due to my cluttered life.
8. Get my photos, albums organised (I currently have a massive box of photos that need sorting and to be put into albums).
9. Do more blogging with updates and reports all of my accomplishments (and failures, hope there won't be any) when it comes to my goals.
10. Clean out and organised my business store room.

So that's it.  Don't want to set too many, but these are the important ones that I really need to get done.

Would love to know what all of your goals are for 2011 if you would like to share.

Some of our neighbourhood friends.

Today I have been out giving the outside of the house a bit of a tidy up.  I was out in the backyard before having a bit of a clean up out there and had some of our wildlife friends popped by to say hello.  We have lots of birds and various wildlife around where we live in Australia and some of them are quite friendly.   We have lots and lots of Australian Water Dragons, which are a type of lizard.

Australian Water Dragon on our back porch

Another Australian Water Dragon in my backyard.

They can grow to be quite big, the females grow to about 60cm (2 feet) and the males can grow to about a metre (3 feet) and it's lovely in spring after they are all coming out of hibernation from the winter and seeing the little babies running around.  Some of them come right up to our back door and peer in the windows, obviously wondering if we are home, we can go outside and they are lying on the dogs bed, LOL.  We don't ever pick them up as they are wild and they do have very long sharp claws, which would cause some damage if you picked them up and they tried to get away,  but they come right up to us near our feet and their favourite food..... Banana!  They love to snack on banana!  When we stand outside and throw some banana to the couple who might be out on the lawn, all of a sudden they come from everywhere and we can have 10 or 15 of them all scrambling after a little bit of banana.  We have had one chase a ball before that we have thrown, over and over, they can be quite funny lizards.  Whilst they can grow quite big, they are pretty harmless, they don't attack you, if they are scared they will just run away and boy can they run fast.  It's quite funny, they will get up on their back legs and just take off, LOL

Anyway it was a successful tidy up outside, hosing down the outdoor furniture and the pavement, the gardens and lawns were already tidy, we have just had a lot of rain recently so there were a lot of leaves everywhere and dirt, but it's all nice and clean again now.

If you would like to read and learn a bit more about the Australian Water Dragon you can find some info here

Off to start getting dinner ready.


Oh Dear! Am I in for some bad luck?

I have been very busy the last few days so have not had time to continue on my mission to get my house organised once again.  I have been doing little bits and pieces.  Like unpacking our luggage from our vacation two weeks ago, that were still sitting on the floor in our rooms.  But I wanted to check in and do a post as I am really enjoying my new life as a blogger.

We have this massive mirror.  It is so big that it takes two to three men to lift and move it.  So we had somebody in to hang it when we moved into this house as I can not lift it and it needed to be hung quite high, so had somebody in to hang it for us.  Well during the night we were all awoken to this almighty bang.  My son came in early saying we had to come and see and not to be mad "he didn't do it" LOL

Downstairs we went and we found our massive mirror, smashed and on the floor.   I don't have a photo of the initial mess, but here is the mirror once we have picked it up and it's leaning against the wall.

My beautiful broken mirror

Not only is the mirror all smashed but the frame is broken too.  I can't believe it, I absolutely love this mirror and it was just a beautiful, striking piece to have hanging on the wall as it was so big.

Now I need to know.....  I know if you break a mirror it's 7 years bad luck!  I didn't hang the mirror, nor did I drop the mirror, so does that mean that I don't get those 7 years of bad luck?  Do you actually have to break the mirror yourself to get the 7 years bad luck?  If superstition is correct and I get the bad luck, with the size of that mirror, its going to be a massive 7 years, LOL.

So there the mirror sits, I can't move it as it's too heavy and some of those pieces of broken mirror are massive so I am going to have to get somebody in to collect the mirror and maybe take it away or take it somewhere to have the frame repaired and a new mirror put in.  This is going to be a very expensive exercise to have it collected and repaired.  I felt like calling the people who came and hung it to let them know as I kind of feel like it's their fault.   We have had that mirror hanging in our home for 10 or so years and it has never fallen down!  Anyway no point crying over spilt milk (or a broken mirror, LOL)

I have a new little thing that I picked up yesterday that I can't wait to share with you.  I will share that with you tomorrow.


Some Things I Love

I have been saying that on the inside I am an organised person and my current state of disorganisation is not the way I really am. Many aspects of my life are very organised, but my household clutter is the main area of disorganisation.  I am almost OCD about organising other parts of my life.  See aside from my household clutter, which I do keep secret to a degree and out of the eyes of friends popping over for a visit, the rest of my life is really very organised.  I am a list writer, always shop with lists, before going away on vacation I write various packing lists...  Suitcase, hand luggage, shopping for trip etc.   I have a diary/organiser that I could not live without and I also use the calendar on my iphone so I an never late for or forget appointments or things that may need to be done in a day.  It is the household clutter.  Oddly I can't stand the house to be dirty, I clean and like everything to be clean its just the clutter and not putting things away.

Anyway I thought I would share some of the things that I love and things that keep me organised in other parts of my life.  I know that many of my followers are from the USA and other countries and there are not a lot of stores that we have that you don't have, in fact the USA has so many stores that I wish would come to Australia.....  Pottery Barn.... Pottery Barn Kids.... Oh I should not have got myself started, LOL.... I could go on forever, there are just too many to name.  But we have a store here in Australia that is only in another two countries at this stage (New Zealand and Singapore).  It started here in Australia and it is such a lovely store I could move in there.  Yes that's right I would be quite happy to pack up the family and move to a Kikki K store, LOL.

So I thought I would share some of the things that I love from Kikki K ( There are just so many things that I have from this shop that I love, so I will only share a few in this post.

Being that it is now 2011, I thought I would share my 2011 diary.  It is so cute, just the most gorgeous diary I have had and when they first came out, a friend and I were wandered in and saw this diary and both said at the same time "Oh that is sooo cute".  The sales assistant said to us "Funny you say that, it is actually called "Cute Diary".  So of course one of those was added to my basket (along with the one of the matching pens)

Kikki-K Cute Diary

Matching Pen

Another thing I LOVE from Kikki K is the My Receipts Folder. It is such a great little folder (and it isn't huge).  It has little pockets inside and you write the month and then there is an area to list the date and store, so when you need to go back and find a receipt for something, you can see on the outside of the each months pocket which stores receipts are inside.  I LOVE this little folder.

Kikki-K My Receipts Folder

Inside the folder

My final favourite thing that I use all the time is the Door Notepad.  It is a notepad that is shaped like one of those things that they have at hotels, where you hang the sign on your door for the housekeeper to make up your room or do not disturb.  This has come in handy so many times.  I write things that I can not forget to take as I am running out the door (so many times I would race out the door in the morning to get my son to school, have something sitting on the console by the door to grab as I raced past and i would forget)  Well this little notepad is just awesome.  You just hang write down whatever it is you need to remember, hang it on your front door and presto, as you race out the door, you see your list hanging on the door and if you have forgotten the item, you can race back and get it.

Kikki-K Door Notepad

So that's my reviews for the day.  I don't work for Kikki-K at all, I just love the store and so many of the products.  You can spend ages in there (and a lot of money, LOL).

S  xx


Happy New Year!

Well I would like to start off this post by wishing everybody a Happy New Year!  I hope everybody had a great New Years Eve.  

I would also like to welcome all of my new followers and thank you so much for following me.  I have to say that I still find this blogging to be a little nerve wracking.... Will what I write be interesting, will anybody really want to read about me cleaning my house!  But I am finding this to be a good way to get myself going, knowing that I have followers and people waiting for my next post.  So here I go.

I had decided that I would next tackle my closet.   After the laundry clean out I had moved a lot of that pile of clean clothes up to my bedroom and had yet to put them all away.  I had put some away but there were still a couple of baskets of clothes to be hung and put on the shelves.  Now I went to start this yesterday, on New Years Eve, but I ended up stopping as I was out of clothes hangers!  Yes sure you say, any excuse to stop tidying.  But it was the truth and I probably could have kept going without them to a certain degree, but I decided to stop and get some more hangers.  I popped off to the shops yesterday afternoon and many had shut early being NYE.  Now all of my current clothes hangers are white and timber.  The shop I went to didn't have any white, they only had this ugly blue/green colour.

New Clothes Hangers

So whilst I was cringing about the colour of the hangers and them not matching I did get 6 packets of these (not all for my wardrobe, although I did use almost 4 packets of the new hangers in the clean up).

I didn't do any de-cluttering when I got home as it was NYE after all.  I decided to leave it for today.  After all, this is a New Near, so what a better way to start the New Year than with a lovely tidy closet.
We went out for breakfast this morning after a long sleep in and didn't end up arriving home until 1.30pm.  The breakfast ended up turning into lunch, but that was ok, it was lovely catching up with friends.

I have spent the afternoon and evening so far getting on with the de-cluttering of the closet.  Now some of the things you will see in the untidy closet, pre de-cluttering photos....  On the floor there are two lamps!  Yes Lamps..... I purchased these months and months ago, they are still wrapped from the store and they have just sat on the closet floor since they arrived home!  There is also the box from the bedroom wall mounting tv bracket!  Why on earth I didn't throw that out is beyond me!  No it just sat in a basket on the closet floor for ALMOST 12 MONTHS!  Other things are clean laundry to be put away.  Copious numbers of new shoes (in boxes) needing to be put away.   Now I do like keeping the shoe boxes and them in the boxes, it keeps the dust off them, stops them being squashed and I can see from the outside of the box which shoes are which.  You will also notice the small organisation part inside me.....  The tops on the left side of the closet are all arranged by colour!  

So without further ado I present my closet..... (Drum roll please)

Before Shot - Right Side
Before Shot - Left Side

After Shot - Right Side
After Shot - Left Side

So there it is....  My second room de-clutter.  I am not sure which room I will do next.  We have a small living type room off the kitchen that isn't use much (except to put junk).  Early night tonight after a very late (3am) night last night.

S  xx
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