First day of de-cluttering my home!

I am putting my disorganisation out there for the world to see!  I hope that this will keep me on the track to get my whole house de-cluttered and tidied up.  See from the outside it's all very neat and tidy, nobody walking past would realise how cluttered the inside of my house is. 

Well after buying the books from Amazon, I sat up last night and started reading "The Clutter Diet"to try and get some motivation to start on my way to de-cluttering my home and my life!

I have to say that I absolutely love "The Clutter Diet".  I felt as though it was written just for me!  I'm only up to chapter three but everything that has been written is just so true.  Once you start reading the book you are directed to download "Clutter Fitness Workbook" which I did straight away.  Being that I am actually an organised person (except in the home clutter department) I then placed the pages into a plastic folder that was filled with plastic sleeves.

So as I continued reading, at the end of each chapter there is a little exercise for you to fill in inside the workbook.   After each chapter I eagerly filled in the workbook, all the time gaining motivation for when I woke up in the morning my first day of de-cluttering my home would start.

So this morning I awoke.... full of motivation to start the de-cluttering of my home.  This is not a process that is going to be fixed in a hurry.  One room at a time is my goal and I will not move onto another room until the room before is all organised and back to it's neat and tidy self as it was just 12 months before.

Today I decided to tackle the laundry.  Now the laundry you think, how can this be a big job.  Well it was, its become a bit of a dumping ground as there are lots of storage cupboards in my laundry.  Only problem is that the junk was not it the cupboards, they were still in two partially unpacked packing boxes from when I moved into this house a year ago!!!!  Shock Horror, I know!  If there was something I needed from one of the boxes, then I would just go and dig it out of the box.   Not only that, there was just piles and piles of laundry, all clean laundry, that needed to be folded and put away or sent to charity.  The way it was, if we wanted clothes we would rummage through the massive pile of clean laundry in the laundry room.   Dirty laundry was under control... It was in the dirty laundry basket under the baskets of clean laundry.  Anyway I have taken some before and after shots of my morning so far, tidying and cleaning out the laundry.

Before Shot

After Shot

So.... that was day one.  I think day two will be my closet.  With all of the clothes that are now up there from that laundry clean out has meant that my closet is looking a little untidy!  

S  xx

Time to De-Clutter My Life!

My first blog........

I have read blogs for years, I love reading blogs and have always wondered what I could have a blog about. Would anybody read it. What would I write about. Well there has been plenty for me to write about really but it's finding the time to sit down and actually write. So today, here I sit, looking at my very disorganised house, clutter everywhere and I have to do something about it! So I thought, I will blog about my disorganised life and hopefully it will become organised once again.

I am a firm believer that if your house is cluttered then your whole life is cluttered and I know that the worse my household cutter becomes the worse the clutter gets in all other areas of my life. It is just not me, I am such an organised person! I have to be organised for travel, reservations, appointments, son's activities (school, afterschool, sport), planning.... I'm a big planner and hence am very organised.... Except at the moment and it's driving me crazy!

The clutter has spilt over into my life, I have not been eating properly, not planning meals so therefore when it comes time to cooking dinner, I don't have the ingredients and just end up whipping up something easy and not very exciting. I love to cook, but with my disorganised life I don't have time for cooking at the moment. A year ago, I had plenty of time to cook, I would bake often. My son would come home from school and I would whip up a cake or cupcakes or brownies for he and his friends, but I don't do any of that at the moment due to my disorganisation and my kitchen clutter! My laundry seems to pile up and up and up and needs to be organised and put away! I'm drowning in clutter and disorganisation and I can't stand it!

Well just get on with it you say..... yes I know!!!!! But for some reason, I have become consumed by clutter and just don't know where to start, it has become very overwhelming.

So today starts my mission to de-clutter my home and my life and once again become organised!
I have just purchased two books on de-cluttering your home (what do I need a book for! I know what to do, I just need to get on with it). So I will be posting before and after shots as my home cluttering goes along!

Have to love the Kindle App for ipad and you can also put the app on your Mac computer (and on your iphone too), so was able to buy and download the books almost instantly through Amazon!


I purchased the book "De-Cluttering Your Home Made Easy" By Martha Michaels


and "The Clutter Diet"(The Skinny on Organisizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life" by Lorie Marrero.


The Clutter Diet has a blog also (, so I will be following that too! I have no idea if the books are any good, but I will let you know.

I am hoping that my disorganised life will actually become organised once again. But I do feel that there will always be a little part of me that will allow the disorganised to creep back in. I will see how I go.

S xx
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