Today started the massive task of de-cluttering my son's playroom and bedroom.  He has until Monday to get it all tidied up or whatever is on the floor Monday is going to charity.  I have set him up with rubbish bag, charity bag and his playroom is already full of shelves, baskets, cupboards and drawers to put everything away in.  He just doesn't seem to use these storage devices, he seem to use the floor as his storage area.

I have some before shots, but won't share those until the room is done.  It is really amazing how much better it feels once everything is organised.  Now I know my house isn't finished yet.  I still have the dreaded home office and the little room off the kitchen.  The home office is probably the scariest room, but it must be done, it must get done.  Having my laundry and closet done makes a huge difference, with the closet done it makes it so much easier to take up all of the clean laundry and put it straight away.

What is going to be the challenge is once school goes back.  I get into the routine of going of school drop off, in to work, pick up from school, take son to after school activities, home to cook dinner, clean up from dinner and I'm exhausted. Once I have the house all cleaned up I will get a cleaner in weekly.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can't have a cleaner in because my house has been too untidy.  Before we moved into this house we had a cleaner, I have always had a cleaner, once a week or once a fortnight and every time she was coming, I would tidy and clean the house!  What is up with that??? Does anybody else clean up before the cleaner comes?  Anyway I have not had a cleaner in the last 12 months because my house is not clean enough and I am embarrassed.  I can disguise it from family and friends to a degree, because I have the areas that will be seen all tidy and then areas that I can close the door so nobody sees it, are like a bomb has gone off.

So by Monday I should be able to do the big reveal of my son's bedroom and playroom.  Can't wait to see it myself.


Hello! I'm Kate. said...

My son's playroom is a big project that I need to do right now. I am in desperate need of a book shelf!

Are you going to put before & after pics on here?!

Brea said...

Hi! New follower here! Good luck with the clean up :) I clean and organized house is always a wonderful thing.


April said...

Wow - sounds like an intense project! Good luck!

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